Add your research and studies
Monday, 18 July 2011 05:17

Add your research and studies


Dear experts! To benefit our mutual interests, to attract new users as well as to provide additional advertisingand promotion, we offer you a place to publish your research and studies. Show everyone your analytical skills, show what you can do and earn the trust of our clients! does not pay authors for papers that are accepted and published.

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  • Comment Link ArnulfoScarsella Monday, 14 January 2013 05:29 posted by ArnulfoScarsella

    *Original Power 90 review*
    Let me first say that i'm one of the people that tried the regular Power 90 workout videos at first. I was pretty much a couch potato who would work out once in a while, and then just stop completely for several months. Power 90 is a decent workout for people who are trying to get back into shape who want to get into a mediocre level of fitness; or just maintain an average body.
    Pros for Power 90:
    1.)A good smooth start for beginners. It will get your body in decent shape.
    2.)Short workout time. The workouts last from 35-45 minutes; stretching, warming up, workout, and cool down in all.
    3.)Good mix of everything. Tony incorporates stretching, warming up, and cooling down all at the right times during a workout.
    4.)Has a timer countdown on screen.
    5.)Tony has great direction, tries to motivate you, and tries to be funny. Just by listening to him speak and guiding on how you should do a certain movement/stretch, you get a sense that he actually knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness.
    6.)Tony TOUCHES, but doesnt dive into what's in the P90X program. He scratches on Stretching, Yoga, Strength training, Cardio, Kicking/Punching. This sets you up and gets you somewhat used to what comes in P90X.
    Cons for Power 90:
    1.)When I saw the routine and the small "studio" they shot this in, I really wasnt impressed. But then again, it was my first workout
    video, so I have nothing to really compare it to. It just gave me the impression that the workout would be cheesy and generic.
    2.)Repetitive. You have Level 1 and Level 2 routines. Basically Cardio Level 1, and Circuit Training level 1. Once you get to level 2, you're pretty much stuck doing the same thing every other day, and it gets old after the first month.

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