Manual: Useful information

Manual: Useful information


You can exchange personal messages with other users of ("My Messages" in the Personal profile).

The main purpose is to exchange information between the system administrator and users.

Ask a Question

If you have any questions, you can use the "Ask a question" service ("Main Menu" - "Feedback" - "Ask a question").

To get a response, please provide a valid e-mail.

You can also contact us via our e-mail or social networks if it is more convenient for you.

News, Competitions, Research

Recent news (updates, announcements) can be found on the "Main Menu" page - "Feedback" - "Blog".

Competitions among experts (to write a business plan) can be found on the "Main Menu" page - "More" - "Competitions".

Research articles can be found on the "Main Menu" page - "Home" - "Research".

Advanced Search

To use advanced search for business planning standards, finished projects, experts, your own business plans, click "Settings" (to the right of the search field).