Manual: Payment services

Manual: Payment services

You pay for all services and recharge your balance via the "Shopping Tab" (go to the "Main Menu"-"More"-"Buy").

Shopping Tab consists of 3 blocks, which can be shown or hidden by default (click the "+"/"-" button before the block title): deposits, subscriptions, for experts.

Making a deposit

To pay for any service, you must have sufficient funds in your account. If your funds are not sufficient, the system will automatically calculate the amount of money you need to deposit and will offer you to do it. You can also do this in advance.

You can recharge your balance via RBK Money payment system. After clicking on "Deposit" a new window opens offering you to log in (if you have an e-wallet in the RBK Money payment system) or enter e-mail (if you do not have an e-wallet and you do not want to register).

After logging in or entering your e-mail box a choice of payment options is loaded. You will be asked to pay by credit card or any other form of payment available.

You can keep track of all your payments on the page "My Payments" in the Personal profile.

Information about your account balance, subscription selected and its expiry date are all displayed in the Personal profile under the button "Create a business plan".

Additional opportunity to recharge your balance is to add your own business plans to the collection of finished projects. Their price is determined on the basis of availability of business plans for a certain industry and standard in the collection, the demand for them and the quality of the project. After agreeing on the price the administrator will recharge the balance of the author and publish the project in the collection.

To apply for the publishment of a business plan in the collection, click "To the collection" on the "My business plan" page in the Personal profile or in the business plan edit window.

Apart from recharging your balance, adding business plans to the collection is an opportunity to attract more customers, if you are logged in as an expert and are willing to provide business planning services.