Manual: How to promote yourself as an expert

Manual: How to promote yourself as an expert

If you have decided to become an expert and to provide services for business planning, check in your profile settings "Become an expert".

In this case, your details will be added to the list of experts and indexed by search engines.

Keep in mind that all contact information and additional information that you've entered earlier will be visible to all visitors of the website. If you want to hide some information (e.g. phone), simply remove it from the profile. In this case there will be the sign "not specified" next to the field "Phone".

General information

In addition to contact information in your profile you can fill in "About Me", where you can enter any additional information, e.g. a link to your website or webpage, etc.

Also keep in mind that if all the fields of the profile are filled in the expert receives a rating of 100 points, if not - 0 points.

Finished projects in the collection

In addition to information about yourself, pay attention to the number of finished projects in the collection. Adding your projects to the collection allows other users to evaluate your professional level and also recharges your account balance, since gives you extra points for adding finished projects to the collection (the amount of points is negotiated individually and depends on the total number of business plans according to a standard or an industry in the collection, the demand for certain types of business plans, business plan quality).


The third important point is the users' comments. watches out for any scam positive or negative comments on the pages of other professionals. If you commit any of these violations, your account will be blocked and you will lose some of your rating points.

Expert's rating is a key indicator determining his place on the list of experts. Experts who have a PRO account (the icon is a green ribbon with the inscription "PRO" in an expert's profile) come first and all the other experts come after them.

Expert's rating is calculated as follows:

• profile completeness (100 points for a 100% profile completeness otherwise - 0 points)
• finished projects in the collection (100 points for each business plan, added to the collection. For ordinary experts the maximum is 2000 points, for PRO experts the muximum is 10000 points)
• comments (1 point for a comment but not more than 500 points)
• free-risk deals (300 points for each successful deal, minus 600 points for each deal failure)
• reviews (+ / - 5 points for every positive or negative review but no more than + / -500 points)
• site visits (each visit to the site scores 1 point, but not more than 1 point per day)
• points purchase (100 point = $3)
• special cases (-100 points for account blocking by administration, -30 points for a warning)
• PRO account (+20% to the total number of points, $70 per month).

One more way to increase the number of customers is to make the top 5 experts on the front page of the site by buying advertising space ($300 per month.).

You can buy PRO account, rating points and advertising space via the Shop Tab in the "Experts" block. To go to the Tab, click "Main Menu" - "More" - "Buy" or "Buy" on the home page.

Check off the services you need, set the time period or the amount of money and click "Buy". If you have insufficient funds in your account you'll be prompted to recharge your balance.

Another way to attract customers is to publish articles in the "Research" part of To do this, click on "Home" - "Research" - "Add information" and fill in the window that appears. Please note that you can attach photos, pictures, videos, etc. Do not forget to tag your article (to point out keywords).

Once you have everything completed, click "Save". The article will be published after it has been approved. In order to increase user loyalty follow any responses to your article.