Manual: How to select a business planning expert

Manual: How to select a business planning expert

To select an expert in business planning, open the list of experts by clicking on the "Full list" in the "Experts" block on the home page or click on the "Experts" in the Personal Profile menu.

The list shows available experts according to their rating - the higher the rating, the higher the expert is. Besides, experts who have the PRO status, come first.

First of all you might be interested in experts' geographical location. To make the list display experts only within your selected region, with a rating no higher / no lower than a certain level, free to work at the present time or with any other parameters, use the advanced search (click on "Settings" next to the search).

Once you determined the list of experts with whom you might work together, open their personal pages by clicking on the link "More".

Take a look at the finished projects, which the expert added to the collection. Keep in mind that only those business plans which the author has decided to publish and which the system administrator has approved are added to the collection.

Permission/prohibition to add a certain business plan to the list of finished projects should be discussed with an expert in advance.

The other important information to attention to is users' comments. Keep in mind that there may be competitors' comments (to entice customers away from other experts) or comments by other parties concerned (to attract customers to a certain expert).

The administration of tries to eliminate such unfair business methods, but it's our duty to warn you.

If you are not willing or unable to assess the level of an expert, pay attention to ratings and the presence/absence of PRO icon. Rating reflects all of the above parameters. Experts pay for the PRO icon and therefore have serious intentions for a long-term collaboration.

If it is still difficult for you to select an expert, you also have the opportunity to announce a competition among experts. Click on the "Announce a competition" on the main page in the "Experts" block and write requirements for an expert, set a task, its deadlines and budget in the window that opens. The more complete your information is, the more responses you will get. Your competition announcement will appear on the website after the approval from the administrator.

If you and/or the expert are afraid that someone can not fulfill the terms of the agreement (an expert will take your money, but will not write a business plan or a customer will not pay for a business plan, etc.) we recommend that you use a "risk-free deal" service. A customer deposits the money into the account, where money is kept safe until an expert completes his work. The moderator (a representative) monitors deal execution and transfers money to an expert's account after he has done the work. Thus, you are protected against any kind of fraud. In order to use a "risk-free deal" services contact us.

If you have subscribed to the VIP tariff plan, a personal customer manager will be your adviser on any issue and will support you until the deal is successfully completed.