Manual: How to write a business plan from scratch

Manual: How to write a business plan from scratch

If you can not find the required business planning standard in the list and did not find a suitable finished project, we offer you the possibility of preparing a business plan from scratch. To do that click on "Create a business plan" in your Personal profile.

Fill in the name of the business plan and a brief description of what you are going to write about in the corresponding fields, select the industry of the project and download the picture associated with the project. Click "Create".

Business plan edit window will appear. It consists of three main parts:

• general parameters (name of the business plan, industry, a brief description)
• key words (you can enter keywords in the business plan, for example, #company=Tree Farm, LLC. In this case the #company will be automatically replaced by Tree Farm, LLC in the business plan text during MS Word or pdf export. Keywords are very handy when you create a business plan based on the finished project, because they help to rapidly change a company name, manager names, address, etc. throughout the whole textof the business plan)
• section management (filling in business plan sections, adding new sections, activation/deactivation of the sections (light on/off) - the section displayed/not displayed during MS Word and pdf export; moving sections - by dragging the section, with the left mouse button on the up and down arrow icon to the left of the lights).

To create a section, click "Create" in the "Section Management" block.

Section creating/editing window will appear.

Enter the name of the section (in the picture it is «Resume») and its brief description (add reference information if necessary). Add elements to the section by clicking "Add an element".

There are three types of section elements: text, image, table.

Select the type you need, enter an element title (if it is necessary to show the title in the business plan, check "Show the title"), enter the reference information (it will appear as tips).

If you select the element "Table", then a list of available tables will appear so that you may choose one which suits your needs best. The list includes only tables from the standards, which are present in the system. To add new tables to the system contact the administrator.

You can drag and rearrange elements of the business plan structure in the section creating/editing window. To do this, drag the element to the right place with the left mouse button on the up and down arrow icon.

The section you've created will appear in the «Section Management» block. To create the next section and click on "Create" and follow the steps described above.

To correct or fill in the sections of the business plan click on the name of the corresponding section.

General information

To open other sections choose the section you need from the list (in the upper left corner) or use special arrows (in the upper left or lower left corner), which show up only if there is more than one section in the business plan.

To go to the full-size screen click on the icon with four multi-directional arrows in the upper right corner.

Sections consist of 3 types of information blocks: text, tables and images.

Each block can be hidden (it will not be displayed when exported to MS Word or PDF) by ticking the appropriate item in the upper left corner of the block.

If there is a tip available on how to fill the block, a question mark icon is displayed in the upper right corner clicking on which you will see the tip.

On completing the section tick under "filled in" in the lower right corner to make the section title bold.

Text Block

To enter data into a text block, you must first click on the link "Enable editor" (this is necessary to reduce functional options while you're editing and to make the page download quickly), then enter your text, edit it and click on "Disable the editor." Keep in mind that you can add not only text but also tables, images and links with the help of the text editor.


To enter information into a table, click in the cell. To move to the next cell you can use the Tab key on your keyboard, to return to the previous cell, press Shift + Tab.

To add new rows to the table (if the number of rows in the table is not stipulated by the standard) Click on "Create a row" To delete a row click on the row you want to delete and then press "Delete a row".

There is also formula functionality available, which automates table calculationsand makes it possible to refer to cells from other tables. To insert a formula into the table you need to click "Formula" and enter a formula in the dropdown box like one of the following: D1=D5+C5; d2=d3+d4; D3=table3!D1+table2!A2*d4; D4=(table1!a2/E2+D2)*0.15+table2!F5.

It is possible to use small letter symbols, the cell reference from another table goes via a table name, separated from the cell name with an exclamation mark (table2!A2), the formulas are separated from one another by a semicolon.

To determine the cell names there are column and row labels (A, B, C, D ... and 1, 2, 3, 4 ...) above the columns and to the left of the rows.

On entering all the formulas in the table click on «Calculate» to display the resulting values.

If the table has the "Total" row, then the formula will be pasted automatically.

The standards and finished projects already have default formulas. You may need only to correct some of them.


To download an image you need to specify the path to the image and then to click "Upload."

When the business plan is ready you need to download it by clicking on the link "Download" - "Get the Link".

The link is created only if you have activated the subscription. Otherwise, the system will show you a warning sign and will offer you to select one of tariff plans.

As you pay only for downloading a business plan, we recommend that first you write a business plan and only after that - subscribe.

If you have signed up for a subscription, a link will be created. Its name will include that of the business plan and the selected file format.