Manual: Registration, authorization, profile settings

Manual: Registration, authorization, profile settings

To get started, the system requires user registration. We know that your time is very valuable and have tried to simplify the procedure as much as possible. You must type in your username and password (to login), e-mail (in case you might forget your password) and characters you'll see in the image (to be safe from spamming).

Registration does not require confirmation by e-mail, you can immediately get started.

When you login you must enter your username and password provided during registration. The login field will appear if you try to go to a webpage accessible only to registered users (e.g. Personal profile) or it is always available when you hover a cursor over the link "Log in" in upper right corner of the screen.

If you forgot your password or username, click on the corresponding link, type in the e-mail and you will instantly get a code to unblock the account.

In your Personal profile you can provide additional information about yourself by clicking on the link "Edit".

If you want to become an expert and provide services via, check the box under "Become an expert." In this case you will get additional fields (buttons): status (ready to work/ busy), buy PRO account.