Manual: Homepage

Manual: Homepage

Homepage consists of 3 main parts: Standards, Finished projects, Experts.

Standards are business plan requirements set by banks, investors, foundations, public authorities, etc., concerning document structure and table forms as tables are obligatory for any business plan. When writing a business plan according to a certain standard a model of the business plan with blank sections and empty tables is loaded.

Finished projects are ready-made business plans based on different standards. When writing a business plan based on the finished project, you need to choose the most suitable (the subject and the standard should suit) finished project, and then download the document to make adjustments (you'll need to change company name, addresses, names and if necessary, correct financial figures, etc.).

Experts are people or companies ready to provide business planning services for visitors of the site. If you do not have time to write a business plan yourself or prefer to have a business plan written for you, you can choose an expert (according to his ratings, finished projects or reviews on his work; if necessary, you can choose one from a certain place (for example, from your region)) to write a business plan for you. If you need to guarantee the deal between you and an expert, you can use a "risk-free deal" service. Please, contact us to use this service.

To view detailed information on standards and finished projects or experts, click on the corresponding name.

To view a complete list of standards, finished projects or experts, click on "Full List", "1", "2", "3" or on the signs "I can do it!", "Show me a good example...", "Who can help me?".

You will see the following pages:

There is a more detailed information on each standard (description of the standard). You can also make a business plan or find a finished one written according to a certain standard.

There is a more detailed information on each finished project (description of the finished project). You can also make a business plan or get information on which standard a certain finished project is based on.

There is contact information of each expert available, expert's status (busy or ready to work), his rating as well as the list of business plans he's written, users' reviews and comments and any additional information provided by an expert.

Personal profile is a very important part of the site, which contains the basic functionality available to the user.

Here you can:
• edit your profile (add additional information, your photos, become an expert, etc.)
• create a business plan (according to a standard, a finished project or from scratch)
• send messages (to other users, the administrator)
• send a brief newsletter to banks and investors about your project
• sign up for a subscription and keep track of your payments